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Nordic Forest Ltd. Woodlot 1171


In 1996 a key Caledonia Nordic Ski Club (CNSC) member had the foresight to understand that a sustainably managed BC government issued woodlot tenure had the potential to be a long-term source of sustainable funds for CNSC.  Since CNSC, is a not-for-profit society, it could not directly apply nor hold a woodlot, a company named Nordic Forest Ltd. was created to operate independently and issue dividends to CNSC on all potential profits from its operations.  In 1998 Nordic Forest Ltd. was awarded a woodlot by the Ministry of Forests.  The woodlot is not the same land as CNSC’s Otway site – it is a separate entity.  Since 1998 the size and location of the woodlot has evolved and the current tenure is W1171 and has a total area of 1200 ha in two 600ha parcels located Northwest of Prince George.  On its tenure area W1171 undertakes forest management planning and development which includes road building, harvesting and silvicultural activities with a mandate to ensure the areas are sustainably managed.  Nordic Forest Ltd. ensures that the woodlot is managed to meet and most commonly exceed all required forest management practices in BC.  


Nordic Forest Ltd. provides annual reports to the CNSC board on its operations and provides profit dividends on a periodic basis to CNSC.  As of 2023 and in the 27 years since the woodlot was established Nordic Forest Ltd. has provided over $2.1 million in benefits to CNSC and its members through direct operations and dividends.  Benefits include the establishment and continued operation of an annual $500.00 scholarship for a CNSC ski team member.   Nordic Forest Ltd. has funded and at times directly undertaken many capital projects for CNSC.  These include bark beetle clean up, trail maintenance and construction, development of engineering and project reports and an adjacent land purchase to name a few. In addition, it has provided matching funds on behalf of CNSC to obtain a number, of grants which commonly require a ~30% contribution.


Since the inception of Nordic Forest Ltd., the CNSC board has always allocated direct benefits and dividends towards long term capital improvements to the facility for the benefit of all members.



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