CANSI XC Instructor Level 2/3

Date: Jan 27, 2022 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

This is a four-day course for XC ski instructors with some instruction experience. It will prepare you for teaching a variety of skiing manoeuvres to novice skiers using CANSI’s teaching methodology. You will learn how to apply the methodology and technical concepts to assess and develop novice skiers who are looking for improved technique or more efficiency in their skiing.

Why people take this course:
To expand their range of teaching skills;
To become more skilled at analyzing skiers and offering strategies for skill improvement;
To gain expertise in order to handle more challenging teaching situations and more advanced skiers;
To obtain a promotion or pay raise at a club or ski area’s ski school.

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this course you will:

Demonstrate the ability to respond to safety considerations caused by skier traffic and terrain as well as environmental issues such as temperature, weather and snow conditions during a lesson.
Be able to identify and incorporate hill/trail etiquette and the skier responsibility code into a lesson.
Demonstrate the ability to ask questions in order to assess students’ goals for the lesson then develop strategies to refine the students’ skiing skills and achieve their learning goals.
Demonstrate effective communication with students using words, guided questions, diagrams, gestures and demonstrations at the correct level for a novice skier.
Be able to create an interactive and positive learning environment.
Demonstrate interaction with students while following CANSI’s code of conduct.
Demonstrate accurate propulsion, coordination, balance and direction change skills while performing the following skiing manoeuvres on green to blue terrain suitable for the level of a novice skier: diagonal stride, double pole, one-step double pole, one skate, two skate, offset skate, situational wedge turns, parallel alpine turns and step turns.
Explain and assess beginner and novice skiers using the movement outcomes of the technical reference.
Be able to identify quickly and explain accurately the skills and task outcomes needed to develop a beginner to novice skier’s skills.
Be able to identify and explain how ski equipment design affects a skier’s performance
Demonstrate lesson management (choice of terrain, choice and level of tasks, and frequency of student interaction) to refine the balance, rhythm and efficiency of a novice skier’s classic, skating, uphill and downhill technique.
Be able to create tasks with specific parameters (e.g., terrain, speed) for skill development of a novice skier; be able to explain what the outcome may be.
Be able to summarize the skills developed at the end of a lesson.

CANSI XC Level I Certification

CANSI XC Level II Preparation
Skiing skills:

We suggest attending a Level II Preparation Workshop that focuses on skiing skill improvement to ensure that your skiing meets the standards required for success in the Level II course. The Level II Prep workshop is taking place here, at CNSC December 13, 2021.

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