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Club Governance

Board of Directors & CNSC Staff Team


President: Lanita Horning

Vice President: Tim Roots

Treasurer: Shane Sienaert

Secretary: Gretchen Pryawik

Past President: Lance MacDonald

Directors at Large 

Director of Trails: Paul Schuetz

Director of Competitions: Michael Duck

Director of Programs: Peder Nesset

Director of Facilities: Andrew Watkinson

Director of Communications: Monica Mattfeld

Director at Large: Simone Lamarche

Director at Large: Jim Burbee

Athlete Representative: Liam Sinclair

CNSC Staff Team

General Manager: John Bowes

Bookkeeper: Matt Hutcheon

Social Events Coordinator: Nicole Vaillancourt

School Ski Coordinator: Carolyn Thorp

Trails Manager: Peter Hoffman

Office Manager, Program & CANSI Coordinator: vacant

Head Coach: Ali Cadell

Head Coach: Tuppy Hoehn

CNSC HUB Cycling Coordinator: Jen Albinati

Web Administrator & Social Media: Lisa Connor

2023-2024 Board MeetingS

Document Centre

Club Projects & Initiatives

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Paved Trails Project
Safe Sport Commitment

Like many clubs across Canada, the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club has adopted the Safe Sport Policy for all its programs. Our club is committed to ensuring that all sport participants have the opportunity to participate and flourish at our club free from harassment, abuse, discrimination, and other forms of maltreatment.

If you have any questions or comments around this policy, feel free to reach out:

For athlete, parent, and coaching documents please visit the Coaches Corner web page.

25 Nov 1957
25 Nov 1957

Sons of Norway Ski Club Formed

On November 25, 1957 the Nordic, Alpine, and Backcountry skiers in Prince George formed the Sons of Norway Ski Club.

16 Jan 1969
16 Jan 1969

Hickory Wing Ski Club Formed

The Hickory Wing Ski Club was formed on January 16, 1959 to serve the interests of the nordic and alpine skiers. The Sons of Norway Ski Club remained the backcountry and tour skiing group.

09 Dec 1984
09 Dec 1984

Otway Road Cross Country Ski Centre opened

Official opening for the Otway Road Cross Country Ski Club cabin and trails. Boasting a two story cabin, 6.5 km of unlit trails, with 1.5km of lit trails. All of the trails were cut with the help of volunteers.

PG Library Newspaper Archive
18 Jun 1987
18 Jun 1987

Caledonia Nordic Ski Club Formed

On June 18, 1987 the Nordic skiers formed the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club.

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