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The Caledonia Nordic Ski Club operates the Otway Nordic Ski Centre, located minutes west of Prince George BC. The club has 55km of groomed trails, night skiing (10 km of lit trails), 10km of dog friendly trails, numerous snowshoe trails, a new 30 lane biathlon range, and cross-country ski trails and stadium complex that are fully certified under the Federation International de Ski (FIS) homologation standards. We also offer 50+ km of single-track mountain bike and hiking trails in the Summer months. 

The Otway Ski Centre and the Rotary Nordic Lodge are operated by the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club, (CNSC), a non-profit organization. The club is run by a volunteer board of directors, a general manager, contractors and, a staff of approximately 12 seasonal employees. In the 2016/17 and 2017/18 seasons, the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club became the second largest Nordic ski club in North America with around 1500 members. The club has one of the largest school ski programs in BC with 2500 children, and a strong participation in the Cross-Country Canada Skills Development program, with kids ranging in ages from the recreational 3 yr. old learning to ski to the 16-year-old looking to compete. We have a program for all to enjoy.

Recently, the Club has further developed its programs extending their reach into the Spring/Summer/Fall months with a mountain bike program. These programs have been geared towards people of all ages and run similar to our ski programs. With the iRide program, CNSC provides mountain bike opportunities in after school and weekend programs, as well as summer camps and fall programs. We offer these to both recreational and competitive kids, parents and seniors. We look forward to seeing these programs grow in the future.

The General Manager (GM) provides inspiring leadership to the club’s staff, contractors and volunteer work force. The GM is the “face” of the club, and works proactively with staff to ensure a positive user experience. Furthermore, the GM engages the broader community and actively promotes the club (i.e. networks with other organizations, various levels of government, corporate partners, etc.)

The GM is responsible for the overall management of the club’s operations, staff, programs, and activities. The ideal candidate is able to lead the club into its next phases of development. The GM, working with the Board of Directors, will take the vision articulated in the Strategic Plan and develop operational plans/programs to meet the targets outlined in the Strategic Plan and effectively manage the budget, and ensuring adequate staffing. The GM is accountable to the Board, and reports directly to the President of the club.

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School Ski Instructors Needed (2018/19)!

Are you interested in getting kids (age 6-18) outside and inspired in the snow? Do you have a flexible schedule that can accommodate working part time (1-5 times per week, 2-4 hours per day) as a School Ski coach here at Otway? 

Needed: Responsible men and women age 16+ who have XC skiing experience (classic technique) and love kids.

Training: Must be NCCP ICC and CC certified (courses available at Otway).  You will also shadow an experienced coach before you take a class out on your own.

School Ski Coaches are paid for instructional and prep time with the children.

Want to know more?  Contact Carolyn 250 564 3809 or email: 

CANSI Level 1 - Introduction to Ski Instruction (20 hours)  

CANSI certification courses are intended to teach people to teach skiing, and are not designed to be lessons for personal skill development in skiing.  CANSI instructor certification courses have specific evaluation criteria that must be met in order to pass the course.  Candidates are evaluated on their ability to ski identified techniques at an appropriate skill level.  Their ability to adequately teach techniques is also evaluated.

At level 1, the evaluated techniques are diagonal stride, double pole, one skate and wedge turn.  Lesson evaluations include diagonal stride without poles, diagonal stride, double pole, straight running, braking wedge, wedge turn, herringbone, side step, free skate, one skate and diagonal skate.

This national designation is the minimum requirement needed to teach with the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club Ski School. Teaching experience is not required to take a CANSI level 1 course.

Unfortunately, the course planned to happen here at Otway on Dec 14-16, 2018 has been cancelled due to low registration numbers.  We are currently working on other date options for the 2019 season.  If you are interested please contact Carolyn.

Want to know more?  Contact Carolyn 250 564 3809 or email: 

CANSI Level 1 – Recertification 

Recertification is required a minimum of once every three years. You are reminded that in order to teach as part of the CNSC Ski School, and be covered by our insurance, your CANSI courses/fees must be kept up to date. If you are unsure as to the status of your CANSI membership, please visit the CANSI website at


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