Teck BC Cup 1       

                                    December 29 & 30,  2018

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Sprints         Interval Start

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December 29th  ... Individual Sprint - Free Technique ...  9am Start 

(Masters athletes will ski a 3.75 km Interval Start - free technique distance race.  Those who wish to sprint should enter the Open Category)


150m Sprint     250m Sprint     

450m Sprint      800m orange Sprint     

1200m orange Sprint     3.75km blue (Masters)


Wax Test Map              Warm-up Map    (both days)

Sprint Confirmation List               Dec 29 Start List       Qualifier Results     Heats Results


December 30th ... Interval Start - Classic Technique ... 10am Start


1.0 km Blue      2.3km Blue     

3.3km Blue      3.75km  Blue     

5.0km Blue   

Distance Confirmation List          Dec 30 Start List        Interval Start Results




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