New Trails Update

Oct 26, 2021


The Trails Committee would like to update members on how the new trails will function. We’ve had extensive discussion, explored a number of options, and reached consensus on this plan. We are open to adapting if usage or grooming suggests it is needed in the future. But, we think we have landed on a very solid approach that respects how the trails were designed, the topography, integration into the existing network, and skier safety. The plan will facilitate diverse, new, and enjoyable ski experiences, and provide certainty for members and staff.  

These trails are narrower than what members may be used, they will accommodate a single pass of a grooming machine (this is standard at many ski clubs). Therefore, these trails require a bit more caution when skiing as there is less space available, and tracks can get damaged. The travel pattern we will be using is indicated on the map, and results in 4 new trails (we’re still working on names for the trails… stay tuned).

       I.          Indicated in orange (1.7 km): a central two-way climb/descend route between Top Dog and the junction of Sawmill & Lynx that interconnects the other new trails. Groomed for two-way traffic, this allows an additional descent from the upper trails that is easier than Lynx and shorter than Hickory Wing. This also allows people to access the new trails from above or below, and connect the pink trail down and out through Ridgerunner (marked in purple), which could then loop back again on Top Dog.

     II.          Indicated in red (1.3 km): a lower loop running clockwise extending the dog trails, and enabling access to an area of unsanctioned trails the club does not maintain but which is used by neighbours for skiing and walking with dogs. If we ever see further expansion of the gavel mining operation, this loop will also allow the club to adapt (as we’ve done in the past).

    III.          Indicated in purple (2 km): the scenic and winding Ridgerunner trail, which will travel East to West, and be groomed with a track and narrow skate lane.  

   IV.          Indicated in pink (2.6 km): the scenic and winding upper trail groomed for classic only. It was designed to be skied in one direction, and has great views and a more isolated feeling. Classic-only provides an option for members to have a different recreational experience not readily available at the club, and it is easily isolated so as to not interrupt traffic flow in the rest of the trail network.

In discussing this plan, the Trails Committee also wanted to highlight that:

·       'Caution' and 'Slow' signage will be used for descent/ascent on two-way trail. Please ski with care (as always) and respect signage. These are new trails, and we’ll all need some time to figure them out. Expect to encounter other skiers of varying ability along this trail.

·       Members should expect less trail width and a single-pass with the groomers. 

·       Anticipate conditions that come with a narrower trail. Pay attention to the width of the right of way, and be considerate of the tracks (i.e. avoid skating over tracks, and step in/out of tracks with care).

·       We will monitor and try our best to groom hills on the classic-only portion for skiers staying in and hopping out of the tracks on hills, but this might be a challenge. 

·       For those that want to avoid dog trails, access to the new trails should be gained from above via Sawmill.

·       We welcome feedback from the CNSC grooming team on grooming efficiency.

·       We are interested to monitor the maintenance of snow & longevity of the track on these new trails.

·       Classic-only is not set in stone (i.e. it’s not a permanent feature of the trail, but rather a good location to provide and try it). We're trying to provide a diversity of recreational experiences, and we would consider the possibility of switching between (or to) classic with a narrow skate lane for the trail marked in pink.

We hope this setup will be intuitive for skiers, connect well to existing trails, be safe, and expand a variety of recreational experiences for our fellow members. It should also make grooming easier with a single pass. It provides connection and adaptability for dog trails, a new classic-only trail, and three new trails groomed with a classic track and a narrow skate lane. There's something for everyone!

2021 New Trails Directions & Grooming

Phil Mullins

Trails Director

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