Our New Trails have been named!!

Feb 15, 2022


We want to say thanks to members! 

The Trails Committee received over 100 suggestions for trail names! Many were accompanied by wonderful stories and thoughtful explanations, and provided by families working together. A number of members suggested working with the Lheidli T'enneh First Nation on trail names, which the Trails Committee supports and which the CNSC board leadership is exploring for future opportunities. Thank you all for your thoughtful contributions! From all the names submitted, the committee used a digital poll to narrow down the options, and then we selected the following:

The new dog loop: Sun Dog - as in the circular meteorological phenomenon, as suggested by member Sue Bond.

The central two-way trail: Raven's Col - member Jocelyn Poirier-Hardy gave flight to CNSC's animal themed names with Raven's Call, and we mixed in a mountain geomorphology pun (who doesn't love those!) to emphasise the climb up to the little pass and high point at the Sawmill/Lynx/Doghouse singletrack junction, and provide a sense moving between areas in the mountains; and it works well with the 'ridge' in Ridgerunner.

For the uppermost trail: Birch Bend, suggested by Bill Warner - and many members with similar suggestions - this one fits well with Pine Flats and Larch Loop, giving the broad-leaved deciduous trees and this spectacular forest a boost among our trail names.

And of course: Ridgerunner, named by member Jim Burbee who worked so hard to build all these wonderful new trails.

So we managed to get the sky, mountains, birds, and trees covered!

Many thanks,

Phil and the Trails Committee

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