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About Biathlon:

Biathlon is a winter sport that combines ski endurance and rifle marksmanship. It challenges participants with a diverse range of skills that no other sport requires – the endurance, speed, strength and coordination needed for cross-country skiing and the concentration, focus, and split-second timing needed for fast and accurate target shooting.

Our Biathlon programs are a welcoming and supportive team of athletes, coaches, and parents working together to benefit long-term athlete development (LTAD) in our youth. LTAD is an inclusive model that encourages all individuals to be involved in lifelong physical activity. Our programs take into consideration each athlete’s specific needs and actual stage of development in determining appropriate competition levels. 

We follow the ‘Sport for Life’ model and believe that the experiences of our youth will influence their future. That is why at Caledonia Nordic Ski Club “we strive to create a happy environment and atmosphere that promotes Sport for Life”.

We have worked hard to create a model that provides options to our kids that allows flexibility.

Our programs have a competitive and a recreational stream. We recognize that kids change and so do their goals, so we have created a system that creates choice. Families can choose between recreational and competitive and will feel supported in whatever stream they choose. Most importantly we are focused on keeping it fun!

Our programs do not include membership, so please ensure to purchase yours at the start of the season.

All Participants must have:
  1. Biathlon BC membership
  2. CNSC Membership
  3. Range Pass
Category: Biathlon, Youth
Category: Biathlon, Youth

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Cold weather cancellation is below -20. See our COLD WEATHER POLICY

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Thank you to the talented photographers that capture our youth in action! If you share the images please make sure to mention or tag the photographer/photography business.


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