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Coaches Corner

Coaches, this page is dedicated to you!

Here, you’ll discover links to lesson plans that you can use as they are or customize to suit your needs. Additionally, you’ll find attendance and assessment tools, expectations, goals, and much more! If you come across another great resource or notice something missing… don’t hesitate to let us know!

SDP On Snow Lesson Plans

*Thank you to the team at Nakkertok Nordique for providing many of the resources listed below.

If any coaches at our club have ideas for new or additional lesson plans, please feel free to share them. We’ve received great feedback on these plans and would be excited to include local ideas as well!

The SPD Coach Manual includes details for this season,  start/end dates, special dates to remember, Emergency Action Plan, equipment and clothing recommendations for each age group, club contact information and more.

Like many clubs across Canada, the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club has adopted the Safe Sport Policy for all its programs. Our club is committed to ensuring that all sport participants have the opportunity to participate and flourish at our club free from harassment, abuse, discrimination, and other forms of maltreatment. If you have any questions or comments around this policy, feel free to reach out:

SDP Assessment tools

Please ensure that you do the following for each athlete on your team:
  • Take notes on areas of improvement and strengths
    Make note of what techniques have been attained for the level
  • Have a 50m or 100m timed sprint result (Jackrabbits only, for the Becky Scott awards)
    Get an estimate on the number of hours skied outside of lessons (Jackrabbits only)
  • Ask your athletes to learn about their poster and what awards they can earn.  They should help keep track too  🙂

This information is used to determine next year’s level.  Some techniques take more than one ski season to fully grasp (especially Jackrabbit Level 3 and Level 4).  Remember that it’s more important to have very good skills than to move on to a higher level where a child could experience frustration the next season.

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