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Biathlon Bears 



Age 9-12 13-14 15 and up  
Dates Sep 13, 2022 – Dec 3rd
Dec 6th - Mar 11, 2023

Sept 13-Mar 26, 2023

Spring/summer options available

Sept 13-Mar 26, 2023

Spring/summer options available

Practice Locations and details are communicated using Coach's Calendar
# of Sessions 2/3 days/week 3 days/ week 3/4 days a week  
     Cold weather cancellation is below -20. See our COLD WEATHER POLICY
Registration Deadline October 2022 October 2022 October 2022 All participants must have a Biathlon BC membership, a CNSC membership and a range pass
Cost $510 $612 $680  Fees include wax at club supported races and range fees


Biathlon Bears

– Track attack program is for skiers who desire to continue their skill development through the exciting and challenging sport of biathlon. It is designed for children between 9-13 years old. It is a 3-tiered program and participants are recognized as they progress through the levels.  In this program, athletes will progressively work toward developing and refining their skiing and shooting abilities in a safe and fun manner through the use of drills, games, relays, and more. Biathlon Bears is for young athletes in the FUNdamentals and Learn to Train development stages of the Long-Term Athlete Development Model. Important development of mental and physical skills, focus, and discipline is gained, skills that can be applied to all future avenues of life.

All participants must have a CNSC membership and a range pass, which can both be purchased on the time of membership registration. Additionally, participants must be members of Biathlon BC; this membership can be purchased on the Biathlon Canada website.

**If you are a Biathlon Bear, please register only as a Biathlon Bear and do not register for Track Attack as well. Thank you. **


  • Athletes and parents must complete the introduction to biathlon course
  • One parent is required to be present at each session
  • Previous ski experience is not a requirement at the U12 level, but can be an asset
  • ski experience at the U14 level is required, unless discussed with coach

**If you are a Biathlon Bear, please register only as a Biathlon Bear and do not register for Track attack**



The Junior/Senior Biathlon Race Team at Caledonia Nordic Ski Club (“CNSC”) represents the Learn-to-Compete and Train-to-Compete on the Long Term Athlete Development guide.

The program is supported year-round by Biathlon Head Coach Ali Cadell, as well as dedicated volunteer club coaches and parents. 


  • Individualized training plan
  • Coach monitored training log through Training Peaks – Basic account
  • 3 parent/athlete Coach meetings
  • Individual athlete/coach meetings when required



This program is focused on training and racing. We work together as a team, with combined parent support. If a parent is unable to travel with their athlete, please arrange with another family for travel and support.

The Race team is encouraged to participate in the CCBC Teck Cup race series sanctioned by Cross Country BC and the BiBC Cup competition series sanctioned by Biathlon BC. In addition, the group may attend club level races, NorAm competitions, provincial and national championships.

Note: We encourage multi-sport involvement for enjoyment and to develop a full range of athletic abilities. Older athletes often have work and other responsibilities. The Head Coach will meet with athletes and parents pre-season to preview schedules, clarify goals & mutual expectations to outline a plan that balances the individual needs of the athlete with the needs of running a cohesive club program. The Head Coach will be flexible in helping to determine the right balance and reserves the right to set minimum training and attendance requirements.


All biathletes must have a biathlon rifle. There are a number of club rifles available to biathletes on a first come first served basis, rental is $50. Athletes who intend to compete for several years in biathlon are encouraged to purchase their own rifle so that it may be adjusted to their particular requirements.

A firearms PAL (possession acquisition license) is required before anyone can take a rifle home for dry firing practice.

All biathletes must pay for the ammunition they use. Typical ammo cost for a year is between $140.00 and $400.00.

Fundraising and Volunteering:

The success of our programs hinge on volunteer coaches and parent help in a variety of disciplines. We ask that for every child registered in the program, there is volunteer help from at least one parent. Parents are asked to find a volunteer role that best suits their schedule, interest and abilities. The club requires both new and experienced coaches at various levels, so if you are interested in coaching and don’t want to coach your own child, that’s not a problem. We’ll help you find a suitable coaching role. The club provides coach training, and you provide your time and knowledge to develop future athletes. If you would prefer a volunteer task that does not involve coaching, fantastic! We’ve got tasks for you. There is a section of volunteer opportunities on the Zone4 registration to identify your interests. Thank you to all our volunteers!

We have a fundraising policy. Families will be given the choice of actively participating in fundraising activities or paying a fundraising levy. More information will be distributed upon registration. If you would like to be involved in coordinating fundraising activities, please send an e-mail expressing your interest to

Parent Expectations:

Parents are required to read, understand, sign and fulfill our Parent Code of Conduct. It is expected that at least one parent will assist in race support and other activities. Parents will be asked during registration their desired role.


Positive People + Positive Place + Positive Sport = Positive Culture



  • We offer installment payments with both credit card and cheque options. The cheque option will allow you to save on credit card fees. If you select this option, we will contact you to arrange for the post-dated cheques. - Both options require an initial payment, due immediately and the remainder is paid monthly over the course of 3-5 months depending on the program.
  • Processing fees are added at checkout. In the interest of transparency these fees are not included in  program or membership fees and are shown separately.
  • Membership fees and Cash payments must be paid upfront.
  • The club is happy to offer Cash/Cheque events leading up to the start of the season - Dates and times to be announced.    Cash/Cheque days allow you to save the cost of credit card fees.
  • GST is not included in listed prices and will be added at checkout.

This project was funded by, or funded in part by, a grant from viaSport BC and the Province of British Columbia.


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