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Age 6-7 Dress your JackRabbit in layers with natural fibers next to their skin (ie. merino), merino socks, waterproof mitts, snowpants, jacket, and a toque!  Avoid cotton if possible.
Dates Jan 13 , 2023 - Mar 9, 2024 See the SDP Calendar for session details
Number of Sessions 18  
Days Tuesday   6:00-7:30 pm   and    Saturday  3:00pm-4:30 pm

Cold weather guideline is -15 C, wind will be taken into account. See our


Registration Deadline Contact programadmin@caledonianordic.com for late registration All participants must be members of CNSC.
Cost $190  


The FUNdamentals is the next building block after Active Start. This program is offered to skiers aged 6 to 9, broken up between 6-7 and 8-9. Skill development between the ages of 6 and 9 is significant. The athletes will be divided into groups based on age and skill level. In this program the fundamental movement skills are mastered, motor development emphasized and basic cross-country ski skills in both skate and classic are learned. Our goal is for skiers to develop agility, balance, coordination, and speed, learn correct gliding, jumping and throwing techniques to enhance their development long term in sport and life in general. 

Skiers will be introduced to speed, power and fitness (endurance) through games on skis and age appropriate challenges and will learn the basics of flexibility. Hopefully Mother Nature will be generous with the snow so we can have an exciting terrain park to test some skills and “play” as a way to learn and explore.

It is very important for skiers to have developed the full range of skiing techniques in both skate and classic as they reach the end of the Jackrabbit program. Skate technique will be taught to skiers closer to 8-9 years of age.  

A 2-day per week program allows for much needed time on snow with coaches, to practice and really improve their abilities, fitness, relationships with friends and learn to LOVE this great sport. The 2-day program also aligns with the Cross Country Canada program. We hope you will find the extra time in your schedule and see the value in spending another night at Caledonia Nordic in this winter program. We strongly encourage parents to come and ski along with your skiers. It is a great time to learn along side your child!

Practice details are communicated using the SDP Calendar. It can also be located on the CNSC website under the Events tab.  Please check for this calendar closer to the session start date, as it is still under development.  Sessions will be held at Caledonia Nordic Ski Center unless otherwise noted.


The success of our programs hinge on volunteer coaches and parent help in a variety of disciplines. We ask that for every child registered in the program, there is volunteer help from at least one parent. Parents are asked to find a volunteer role that best suits their schedule, interest and abilities. The club requires both new and experienced coaches at various levels, so if you are interested in coaching and don’t want to coach your own child, that’s not a problem. We’ll help you find a suitable coaching role. The club provides coach training, and you provide your time and knowledge to develop future athletes. If you would prefer a volunteer task that does not involve coaching, fantastic! We’ve got tasks for you. There is a section of volunteer opportunities on the Zone4 registration to identify your interests. Thank you to all our volunteers!


  • Waxable or Waxless classic skis
  • Classic poles
  • Classic boots
  • Yoga mat
  • Basic grip and glide wax kit (please ask coach for recommendation)
  • A good variety of layers in wool and synthetic materials, mittens and gloves, light and heavy toques and mandatory socks in synthetic or wool. Not Cotton!


  • Our system accepts credit card but you can contact programadmin@caledonianordic for cheque options. The cheque option will allow you to save on credit card fees. If you select this option, we will contact you to arrange for the post-dated cheques. 
  • Processing fees are added at checkout. In the interest of transparency these fees are not included in  program or membership fees and are shown separately.
  • Membership fees and Cash payments must be paid upfront.
  • The club is happy to offer Cash/Cheque events leading up to the start of the season - Dates and times to be announced.    Cash/Cheque days allow you to save the cost of credit card fees.
  • GST is not included in listed prices and will be added at checkout.

This project was funded by, or funded in part by, a grant from viaSport BC and the Province of British Columbia.



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