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Caledonia Nordic Ski Club master’s program is back for the 21-22 season. This program is for skiers of the intermediate-beginners level and up. If you are a beginner and looking to become a more proficient skier – C.N.S.C has other groups and individual lessons for you. Master sessions will happen on Mondays and Wednesdays from January 3rd to March 10th . Monday’s will be dedicated to mastering the art of classic skiing, and on Wednesdays, we will be rocking skate skiing. We are offering three groups to choose from: the gliding crew and the technical crew and the intensity factory. Please be informed that a valid trails pass for the day is required to participate and that the programs are capped at 14 participants and have a minimum of 7 participants.

Cost per participants: 150$

*Must hold a valid CNSC Membership or a trail pass for the day

Dates: January 3rd to March 9th

Number of sessions: 20 sessions


Monday and Wednesday evenings 5:30-7:00pm

Monday classic skiing, Wednesday skate skiing.

Registration Deadline: Dec 24, 2021

She/Her/They/Them Gliding Crew

No. of participants: 14 max

Focus: Building confidence on your skis while having fun in a relaxed social setting.

This group is designated for anyone who identifies by pronouns such as She/her and they/them. This crew will first focus on equipment maintenance, technique and becoming more comfortable negotiating more and more challenging terrain. The group will then switch gears and focus on conditioning. Your coach will be Sadie Bialuski, a natural teacher who has raced and taught skiing for many years.

When she is not gliding, she is teaching music and program planning here at Otway.

Technical Crew

No. of participants: 14 max

Focus: Building on the fundamentals of skiing while meeting new people, improving on your skate and classic technique and efficiency.

This group’s primary focus will be on technical development. At first, the crew will

focus on equipment maintenance and technical proficiency and will work towards

negotiating more and more challenging terrain. Your coach will be Leland

Johnson, a Minnesota native who has raced for many years under the guidance

of his Finnish coach. He is a double poling fanatic who loves teaching and guides

canoe trips during the year’s warm months.

The intensity factory

No. of participants: 14 max

Level: Intermediate & proficient skiers

This group’s focus will initially be on technical development and volume. The

focus will progressively become more and more on intensity. This group is

geared for those who may want to join a citizen’s race during the season and

who already feel comfortable on their skis but would like to ski a bit more like the

pros. Your teacher will be Josh Fiala. This young rebel teaches youth mountain

biking during the summer months and is one of the club's fastest cool cats on his


For all groups we will focus on elements such as:

Classic skiing: Ski maintenance, balance fundamentals, classic diagonal stride no poles - weight shift and tempo, classic diagonal striding with poles and kick double pole, double poling, turning and stopping downhill, uphill herringbone and reading terrain.
Skate skiing: Ski maintenance, double poling, one-skate, two-skate, free-skate, downhill turns and stopping, off-set and up hills.


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