Cold Weather and Temperature Guidelines for Programs and Lessons

Program updates will be posted on Slack and the SDP Calendar, at the times below if the temperature is close to the cancellation threshold.

Temperatures do not include wind chill.

For consistent temperature verification, please use the following reporting system:


Cold Weather Policy for Adult Lessons:

If the forecasted highs are colder than -16C during the day and -15C in evening then
adult ski lessons are cancelled and rescheduled.

Any confusion? Contact Carolyn.


SDP Sessions - Bunny Tots, Bunnies, and JackRabbits:

Jackrabbits will not run on very cold days. Our guideline is -15 C with no
wind; however, we will use some discretion (e.g.. cut-off could be -10'C to -12 C' with moderate to high winds)

Tuesdays (-15C)  @ 4:00 PM

Saturdays (-15C) @ 12:00 PM 

Please Check SDP Calendar  and website home page for updates


 (U12 and up):

Cold weather policy:

If the weather is colder than minus 15 degrees Celsius, all athletes will be required to wear an Airtrim mask to participate in the session's intensity (zone 3,4,5) or speed components. The official training sessions will be cancelled if the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club's forecasted weather is colder than minus 20. The call to cancel a week-day session will be made at 4:30 p.m. and posted on Slack's general channel. The call to postpone or cancel a weekend session will be made Friday at 4:30 p.m.  During weekends, if the forecasted weather is colder than minus 20 at 9:30, training will be postponed to 10:30. If at 10:00 a.m. the weather is still below minus 20, the official session will be cancelled. 

*Caveat for the U12 group

This policy has the following caveats for U12 skiers and biathletes. U12 biathletes are not to shoot if the weather is below minus 15. U12 skiers and biathletes must stay close to the stadium area when the temperatures are below minus 15 and must have a warm room to warm up if they get cold. If the club cannot provide a warm space for U12 to warm-up – practice is cancelled only for this group. If a U12 athlete is not well dressed for the temperature, the U12 leading coach can deny the athlete to participate in training. 


Will be canceled if the temperature is -20 or below


Please Check Slack for Updates 


For consistent temperature reading, we use the Stride and Glide weather station.


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