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Summer Bike Camps

Youth biking around a corner on a single track mountain bike trail during a summer bike program.

Summer Bike Camps

2024 Summer Bike Camps

About our Camps

Standard Camp (Ages 6-12)

A fun, safe and memorable summer program available to local participants aged 6-12. The program develops your child, builds their confidence, fosters friendships with their peers and develops intermediate and advanced mountain biking skills. This program connects kids with certified NCCP coaches. We offer this camp in weekly sessions with fun events including theme days, camp games, races, and lots of outdoor adventures to add to the experience. Your kids will learn riding techniques such as uphill, downhill, tight turns, braking, gearing, and how to properly adjust their bike to fit themselves. With this week long camp, we will also be introducing endurance challenges with a focus on obstacles, front and back wheel lifts and single track riding, this course will challenge kids to be more successful riders.

Trail Building Camps (Ages 12+): This camp is designed for those experienced riders looking to develop their skills further and participate in some of the trail development and maintenance in the area. Experienced coaches will provide quality coaching to develop skills further. Participants will also learn the skills and techniques related to trail development and maintenance. This will incorporate land based and indigenous practices. Should be a great experience and an opportunity to contribute to some of our amazing trails.

Activities Include:

  1. Trails Riding & Skill Development
  2. Bike Maintenance
  3. Weekly fun races
  4. Outdoor Team Challenges and Games
  5. Trail Building (12+)

Groups will be made based on ages and abilities to ensure the best possible experience and skill development in your child.

For questions, please contact


NOTE: We still have space in our Summer Camps. Specifically July 22-26 and Aug 19-23. Originally, these camps were geared to the older kids. We are now opening it back up to kids ages 6-12. So register now!

For those registered for the 12+ yrs camps, these kids will have dedicated coaches to work with them to build their skills, learn trail building practices and work as a team.

Monday to Friday from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Camp #
Participant Ages
Camp Dates
Camp #1
July 8-12
Camp #2
July 15-19
Camp #3
6-12 & 12+
July 22-26
Camp #4
July 29-Aug 2
Camp #5
Aug 12-16
Camp #6
6-12 & 12+
Aug 19-23

Taxes not included in prices.

What Riders Need to Bring:

  1. Water, Snack, Lunch
  2. Gloves
  3. All-weather clothing
  4. Bike helmet
  5. Bicycle 
  6. Extra Tire Tube
Hot Weather

Participants are monitored for heat stress and activities are adjusted to mitigate the risk of heat exhaustion that can lead to heat stroke.  Adjusted activities include reduction of physical exertion, water play, provision of cool drinking water and frozen treats, indoor fans, and outdoor and indoor cool spaces are used. 

Wind and Storms

In high wind and storm conditions, trail activities cease and are moved to the stadium or indoors.

Smokey Air

Participants are monitored for symptoms of smoke inhalation. Activities are adjusted according to smoke level conditions and if any participants display symptoms. 

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