The Caledonia Nordic Ski Club has approximately 8 km of dog friendly trails for skiers, snowshoers, and their dogs.  Entrance is 400m east of the main facility. 

Trail passes for non-members must first be purchased at the main facility in the office/rental shop. 

The following rules are designed to ensure all users have a safe and enjoyable experience:  (updated December 2016)

  • Ski and snowshoe passes must be visible at all times. If you plan to ski or snowshoe after office hours then you must have a season's pass.
  • Snowshoing with dogs on the ski trails is NOT permitted except to access the dog friendly, out and back trail that starts on the south side of the ski trail, to the left of the parking lot. Please walk single file on the North side of the ski trail until you can access the snow shoe trail on the south side. Skiers come down the hill very quickly so be aware.
  • All skiers skiing on the dog trails should anticipate encountering dogs and their owners and behave in a kind and courteous manner towards both. Dogs have the right of way on the dog trails.
  • Dog owners are responsible for their dogs and assume the risk that other dogs will be encountered along the trails.
  • Skijoring is not allowed on any of Otway's ski trails, including the dog trails.
  • A maximum of three dogs per skier and four per group of skiers.
  • Dogs must be on a leash in the parking area.
  • Keep your dog in your vehicle until you are ready to ski.
  • Please remove dog feces from the trail surface.  This is especially important in the parking area where people tend to be ‘inattentive.’
  • Where appropriate along the dog trails use the utensils provided to toss dog feces off the trail into the woods or bag the feces and dispose of it in an appropriate manner.
  • Return the ‘poop scooper’ utensil to the designated post where you acquired it.
  • Keep your dogs under control when approaching other skiers and pets.
  • Have proof of rabies vaccination.
  • Do not bring dogs younger than 4 months to the ski area. They will not have the appropriate inoculations to play with other animals.
  • Do not scold, hit or touch someone else’s dog.
  • Be friendly with other dog owners. It’s more enjoyable if everyone is nice!
  • If your dog becomes: unruly, stressed or rough; leash the dog and leave immediately.
  • Do not bring female dogs in season if not spayed.
  • If a group of dogs are bullying another dog, make sure your dog is not participating and encourage other owners to do the same.

 Members not abiding by these rules will be subject to the club’s discipline code.
 Please immediately report all incidents related to the dog trails to the club General Manager.

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