Biking, Hiking and Running

1)  Motorized vehicles are not permitted on trails, unless approved (this includes e-bikes and pedal assist bikes).
2)  No horses are permitted on the Otway property.
3)  No smoking anywhere on the Otway property.
4)  On two way single tracks, descending riders stop & yield to uphill riders.
5)  Avoid running or hiking on “downhill only” bike single tracks.
6)  Be alert. Bears, cougars, moose and other people are present.
     Wearing headphones reduces your safety.
7)  Dogs are tolerated throughout Otway in the summer except during special events.
     Dogs must be under voice command.
     Be a “responsible” dog owner and clean up after it.
8)   Avoid skidding corners, riding in muddy conditions, or altering the single tracks.
9)   Help with trail maintenance: remove small branches and debris/litter from the trails.
10) Contact: tracksandtrails@caledonianordic.com if there are major track and trail issues.
11) Holding an event or clinic? Contact: manager@caledonianordic.com


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