Recreation Skiing During the World ParaNordic Championships at Otway

The Caledonia Nordic Ski Cub is hosting the World Para Nordic Championships Feb 15 -24.  The area circled in orange on the attached map will be used by the Para Nordic Athletes during that period.  All of the other trails will be open for recreation skiing

Access to the club trails will be through Piccadilly Circus along Pine Flats.  Parking for club members will be available in the Dog Parking Lot and Parking Lot #4.  The Dog Trails will be open throughout the event with an exception that on Feb 23 and 24 a small section of the Dog Trails will be closed for the Relay event.    See the attached map for details

During the days leading up to the Para Nordic Championships you may see some of the athletes out enjoying recreation trails.  The athletes may also wish to use the recreation trails for a cool down ski after their race.  During those periods they are not racing, feel free to welcome them to Prince George and enjoy the trails alongside them

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