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The trails are open!

Posted on April 27, 2024
TRails are open for the summer!

Our multi-use trails are open offer a variety of experiences, so exercise caution and look out for fellow outdoor enthusiasts, their furry friends, and our local wildlife. You are responsible for your own safety. Be prepared, keep to marked trails, and ALWAYS tell someone where you are going. We want another safe and fun summer experience for everyone on our trails. 

Help maintain the trail database!

Check Trailforks if you’re curious about trail conditions for the summer. Trailforks is a site where users help grow and maintain the database by submitting new trails, updating existing trails, submitting reports on trails and logging their rides. Users can also add photos & videos which are tagged to trails found on the website.

  • Dogs are permitted throughout Caledonia in the summer except during special events. If you see an event or see one in our events calendar please avoid the area(s) in use.
  • Dogs must be under voice command.
  • Dog owners are responsible for their dogs and assume the risk that other dogs will be encountered along the trails.
  • Keep your dogs under control when approaching trail users.
  • Create a friendly atmosphere with fellow dog owners; it’s much more enjoyable when everyone is kind and looking out for each other and our furry friends.
  • Clean up after your furry friend by removing poop from the parking lot and trails; if you use poop bags please ensure to dispose of it properly.
Ride Dirt! Not Mud!

Please remember if the conditions are wet and muddy that deep depressions in mud can stick around when the trails dry up, and then again next time it’s wet they collect even more water making more muddy depressions. Trail users see this mess and avoid it by going off trail, which either widens the existing trail or creates trail braiding. When this happens, the vegetation is damaged and it can take a long time to get it to grow back. Our trails, vegetation, and other riders appreciate your patience when the trails need to dry up.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on our summer trails


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